Metaverse Game, Art of Mob, Is Bringing Real-World NFT Earnings to the Game of Stealing e

When considering the definition of the ‘metaverse,’ it is a digital reality that exists outside of our real-world surroundings. In turn, we are able to expand our mindsets and capabilities beyond that of today’s physical boundaries, opening up to new technologies and possibilities. The market is growing quickly, alongside cryptocurrency, blockchain, and virtual reality. In fact, the global metaverse market is expected to grow from $61.8 billion in 2022 to $426.9 billion by 2027 at a compound annual growth rate of 47.2%. The industries surrounding the metaverse, blockchain, crypto, and NFTs are constantly finding new ways to connect to one another. 

Two realms that are proving to be successful together is that of the gaming metaverse and blockchain technologies. From a technological standpoint, the blockchain segment is projected to become the fastest-growing segment within the metaverse gaming market from 2022 to 2027. This includes the value of cryptocurrency and NFTs as a way to ‘play-to-earn,’ where gamers can earn digital assets as rewards. What makes this especially attractive to users is the ability to trade and exchange their assets on different platforms. More so, utilizing NFTs allows assets to not only be interchangeable within games, but in the overall digital sphere, giving real-world value. 

A new game that was introduced to the metaverse takes on a different perspective, playing on a ‘rob-to-earn’ concept. Within this game, users can play mobster characters whose goal is to steal actualized NFTs that have real value. Created by Basel Ibrahim in collaboration with Robocom VR, a gaming company who found success with their Transformers simulator, had a vision to utilize the freedom within the metaverse to live-out this mobster-based narrative. 

Within the genesis collection there are 10,000 individual‘mobsters’ who are in pursuit of a collection of NFTs created specifically for the game. The characters are meant to represent that of rebellion, bravery, and freedom, as they are able to defy the laws and boundaries that exist in the physical world. As for the rewards, each NFT has their own unique features, in which they were drawn by Francois Matar using Illustrator and Procreate. These NFTs are based on a foundation of 200 different and predetermined attributes. 

Art of Mob brings to light what the metaverse and gaming can bring to people within these virtual realities, as users can explore different perspectives and challenges in an accepting and safe environment. With games serving as way to escape reality, today’s games are now able to connect to the real-world in a beneficial way. There is now value found in something that was once deemed completely separate and irrelevant to our day-to-day. 

Art of Mob is excited to see gamers embrace this game in a new way, earning real-life rewards from a fictional perspective. They will also be launching a line of apparel, an alcohol brand, and cigar brand that will be representative of the rebellious and thrilling point of view the game will ignite. 

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