Mercedes Mone

Mercedes Mone Reveals Truth About Her New And Previous Identity 

The day before she and Mercedes Mone competed for the IWGP Women’s Championship at NJPW Battle in the Valley, the former Legit Boss uploaded an extremely emotional video to her YouTube channel, detailing the occasions leading up to her NJPW debut at Wrestle Kingdom 17. During the roughly 23-minute deep dive, she spoke about her feelings and plans regarding leaving WWE.

Throughout my absence from the WWE, Mone acknowledged that she has been struggling with what comes next. “What will I do in the wrestling match?” I, who? It seemed like death because I had been a character in that company for something like ten years. Just trying to figure out who I am after the WWE has been such a lengthy process, but now it’s all starting to make sense.”

Sasha Banks Vs Mercedes Monet

Mone went on to describe the distinctions between her new identity and that of Sasha Banks. As a young girl, “Sasha was everything I wanted to be, but now that I get to be Mercedes Monet, she is everything that I am now, the woman stated. I’m transitioning from being a boss to a legitimate CEO, which is who I actually am. I’m the president of my own estate, and I’m f***ing overjoyed to start this new chapter and travel in this new direction. Simply put, I’m prepared to leave.”

Interestingly, she didn’t sign her NJPW contract until she got to Wrestle Kingdom 17 to make this point. As she and Naomi left before the May 16, 2022 episode of “WWE Raw,” she made this career move. Nonetheless, the risk paid off as Mone won her first significant championship since leaving WWE by defeating the “Pirate Princess” in San Jose.

WWE Sale

It is reported that a number of proposals are already on the table. According to the reports, leading candidates for acquisition include Endeavor, the company that owns the UFC and several other professional sports organisations, as well as “investors from the Middle East.” But if McMahon is serious about the $9 billion price tag, Endeavor would need some help.

WWE won’t be able to afford it until they attract some wealthy outside investors because the company’s total value is roughly $10.4 billion. Would McMahon be able to find anyone prepared to fork out that much cash in light of the impending recession and the fact that many media organisations are already tightening their belts?


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