Members RM and Jin personally update worried fans following BTS’ SUGA

BTS member SUGA was diagnosed with COVID-19 on December 24, and members RM and Jin tested positive on December 25. SUGA and RM were asymptomatic, while Jin had flu-like symptoms, according to their label BIGHIT MUSIC.

After labelmate, Lee Hyun posted that SUGA was doing fine and had responded to Lee Hyun’s text message that it felt like a cold, fans got their first updates. Following that, on December 27, the BTS member personally reassured fans by posting an update on the fan community platform Weverse, saying, “I’m absolutely fine:) Don’t worry too much!” “I’m totally OK as well,” RM responded to SUGA’s post the next day.

BTS’s leader has also been posting updates on his Instagram account since then. RM also uploaded a selfie with friends and a lovely picture of fellow member Jimin, captioned the post “There are no more pics left..” in addition to his latest magazine session shots. J-Hope replied teasingly, “I have a picture of Namjoonie,” and then proceeded to post a polaroid shot of RM to his Instagram account. In response, RM retweeted the story and suggested that he purchase a Polaroid camera as well.

In true Jin manner, the eldest member also comforted fans by responding on BTS member J-Instagram Hope’s photo with “Jwehope..” Fans heaved a collective sigh of relief as the simple one-word reply was so Jin.

We wish a speedy recovery and good health to SUGA, RM, and Jin.

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