Mehdi Mobarakeh – A lifestyle influencer you must follow for his impeccable dressing sense News

Mehdi Mobarakeh – A lifestyle influencer you must follow for his impeccable dressing sense

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March 23, 2020

An unbeatable dressing sense is a virtue in the modern world. If you this in this line, Iranian businessman Mehdi Mobarakeh is a lifestyle influencer worth following on social media for his impeccable dressing sense. The 31-year old is a successful entrepreneur and a motivational speaker with a kind heart to help others. 

Humble beginning

Mehdi Mobarakeh was born on September 9, 1988, in Dezful, and was raised in Ahvaz, Iran. His dream was to become an influential name and through perseverance, he achieved the goal. Till 2016, he stayed in Iran and later he immigrated to Turkey after he completed his education.

In his journey to become a lifestyle influencer, he posted content from his day-to-day life. With striking photos, official and casual, the next-gen businessman flashed his style quotient more often and found numerous followers. 

Mehdi’s Instagram account with the name “Sheikh Mehdi” now has a fan-base of over a million. 

“After getting good traction and response to my initial posts, I started to give more positive and motivational content on my social media page. This along with a photo of mine in apt attire, created positive waves,” says Mehdi, who always attracts rave comments about his dressing sense. 

The social media page has many photos with superb dressing which are worth imitating and admiring. 

Looks tell more

Mehdi Mobarakeh, who holds a degree in Civil Engineering and learned cartography while in high school, believes that one’s look tells a lot about his/her personality. “So, be cautious about your dressing choice,” he points out. Mehdi, sometimes will be clad in formals and sometimes in casuals, always picks his dresses according to the situation. This along with a befitting narration makes his posts on social media worth viewing/following. 

“I would love to be a motivational speaker and inspire people on how to chase success. It is a wonderful feeling to share wisdom with the ones who want to get ahead in life. My posts are aimed at this philosophy so I choose the right attire. I also wanted to showcase how I project myself according to various moods and situations. All these are noticed by others which is quite evident from the comments I receive,” he reveals his secret. 

Works and travel

His journey as a successful entrepreneur also helped Mehdi Mobarakeh to become a 

lifestyle influencer. His travel also helped him to mould his outlook positively. 

After finishing his education, Mehdi started working with road and building construction projects. However, when he moved to Turkey, he saw great potential in real estate and import-export businesses. Once he had established himself in all these sectors, he began to be considered a successful name among businessmen in Turkey.

“Now, I have offices in Turkey and the rest of Europe. I divide my time between Iran, Turkey and other areas. I presume all these travels have helped me to develop a unique dressing sense. Thankfully, my followers are loving it. I take this positively as I can also influence their lifestyle which is a wonderful thing,” “Sheikh Mehdi” adds.