Meghan Markle's The Cut Interview Leave Netizens Divided On Her Remarks

Meghan Markle’s The Cut Interview Leave Netizens Divided On Her Remarks

Meghan Markle has dished a little in her latest interview with The Cut. The Duchess of Sussex gave her very first magazine interview this year with the New York magazine’s The Cut. She is featured in the fall cover issue.

The former actress discussed the current updates regarding the royal family and revealed that she is considering rejoining Instagram. She also revealed how she is thinking about telling her story through a Netflix documentary. The Duchess talked about her happy decision after accusing the royal family of “cruel treatment”.

But her interview has divided users online as they share their thoughts online. The former actress talked about the family rift, the British press, and more. She also shared that there is room for forgiveness between her and the family.

Meghan claimed how important forgiveness is as it takes a lot of energy to not forgive. She added that she has made an active effort knowing she can say anything. Meghan also shed light on the speculation that she has signed a document that keeps her from talking about the royal family.

She clarified she hasn’t signed anything and said it was her decision to not talk about her time as a royal. The Duchess says she is still healing and talked about how happy she is to have left that life behind. Meghan shared that just by existing they were upsetting the dynamic of the hierarchy.

She also discussed how both she and Harry have lost their families in this process. Prince Charles has stopped talking to his youngest son. Meghan also talked about rejoining Instagram and how different she feels now. The Duchess further addressed the Oprah Winfrey interview.

Users Divided By Meghan’s Interview

She shared that she was conscious of the fact that little girls consider her a princess even after the interview. The Duchess and Prince talked about royal life in the interview and there were explosive revelations made. This was her first interview after Oprah Winfrey’s tell-all.

Netizens were disappointed with Meghan’s interview as they felt she insulted the royal family yet again. A user requested that all titles should be removed from harry and Meghan. They further claimed that she is not concerned about the royal family and is an embarrassment to the Monarchy and the country.

Many other users have also shared their opinion as one said that they are fascinated. And asked the interviewee if it was difficult to shut their brains off. Another user claimed that Meghan asked The Cut to delete their original post about the interview where the title was not present. The user claims the Duchess asked The Cut to add her royal titles and repost it.

But many other people had some wonderful things to say for Meghan. Users pointed out that they are now getting to know the real Meghan or “new Meghan”. A user appreciated Meghan to have kept going despite the negativity, judgment, etc.

Another user quoted her from the interview and appreciated her. A user also claimed how the Duchess is not trying to win back haters as she knows they are pathetic. In addition, they also shared that is the part that makes them happy.

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