Meghan Markle Was Furious About Her 2017 Vanity Fair Cover, Here’s Why

Meghan Markle didn’t really like the Vanity Fair Cover of her in the 2017 edition. Here’s the reason why.

In the new book Revenge: Meghan, Harry & The War between the Windsors by Tom Bower spoke about how Meghan was “ecstatic” about being on the cover of Vanity fair in 2017. Her happiness was turned into disliking as the cover majorly focused on her relationship with Harry rather than her as an actor & philanthropist.

The magazine used the headline of her cover as “She’s just wild about Harry”, the Duchess of Sussex was angry with her Us public relations company, Sunshine Sachs, she called out them for knowing why her relationship was on the cover and not her work as an actor, activist & philanthropist, according to the excerpts from the book published by Times of London.

Meghan Markle gave strict orders about what sensitive topics to not cover for the story which included, her relationship with Harry, race, and Donald Trump. The cover was supposed to be focused on the 100th episode celebration of the “Suits” Tv show because that’s where the interview took place. During the interview, she was also asked about Harry and her relationship to which she said, “We’re a couple. We’re in love.”But when the magazine cover came out, it was a shock for them as it just focused on her being “Harry’s Woman”.

This cover also led to chaos in Buckingham Palace. Even after being clear about her demands, the Bower book says, ” Sunshine Sachs had demanded that the magazine satisfies Meghan’s requirement that she be presented as a philanthropist and activist, without considering one problem: Vanity Fair’s scrupulous researchers couldn’t find no evidence of her global philanthropy and activism.”

Not just this, but the cover actually got very controversial comments & reactions. Bower in his book wrote about this, saying there were reactions like Meghan had used her relationship with Harry to promote herself. “The Hollywoodisation of the royal family sealed Meghan’s fate as Harry’s Fiancée.”

Further, Bower wrote about Editor Sam Kashner facing complaints from Meghan for not portraying her rightly. Kashner says, ” She complained because she wasn’t presented the way she wanted. She demanded the media do what she expected. I felt manipulated.”

Bower also writes that Meghan landed the Vanity Cover because she was likely to marry Harry, this is what Ken Sunshine, Meghan’s PR representative was told.

The Vanity cover got a lot of sensational comments in regards to Meghan and the royal family’s views about her.

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