Megan Fox Hopes Divorce From Brian Austin Green Happens Quickly

Megan Fox filed for divorce from her ex-husband a day before Thanksgiving. The actress is reportedly hoping that the process moves quickly so she can make other plans for her future.

Her future plans being with her current love, Machine Gun Kelly. She has been planning to file for divorce for a while now from Brian Austin Green. The actress ended their relationship earlier this year as she went ahead with Machine Gun Kelly. Brian had confirmed their split earlier this year after 10 years of marriage.

The actress had previously filed for divorce back in 2015, but the couple had reconciled. A source revealed that Megan and Brian already agreed on a custody plan so the actress hopes the divorce will happen quickly. She also hopes it will be uncomplicated as she shares three kids with him, Noah, Bodhi, Journey.

An insider revealed that MGK and Megan are making plans for the future as they want to live together. However, the actress has been taking things slow since she is making sure her children are okay. The singer also shares a child from a previous relationship. Both Megan and Kelly went public with their relationship back in May after meeting on the sets of Randall Emmett’s Midnight in the Switchgrass.

The couple has taken things a little further as they made their red carpet debut at the American Music Awards. Megan revealed her new tattoo which is rumored to be for Kelly as she has engraved Spanish words, ‘el pistolero’. The tattoo is situated on her collarbone as the words translate to ‘the gunman’ in English.

Kelly Says He Fell In Love For The First Time

During an interview on Lala Kent’s podcast, Megan said she “knew right away that he was what I call a twin flame.” She explained that instead of a soul mate, a twin flame is where a soul has ascended into a higher level that it can be split into two different bodies. The actress said that both of them are two halves of the same soul, according to her.

Kelly said in an interview that it was love at first sight when he saw Megan Fox. He said he did not know what that was like until he and Megan made eye-contact. He recalls, finding true love with Megan and says, “That’s when I was like, ‘Whoa.’”

The musician said he has dated plenty of women before getting serious with Megan. However, he admits their connection was something he has never experienced before. “After I made… the big chunk of the album, I did fall in love for the first time. It was my first experience with being open to love and stuff like that,” he shared. “I definitely wasn’t set up to believe that that’s something that could ever exist.”

However, the rapper admitted that the downside to the relationship is the publicity surrounding his personal life. He said it is hard as his house is not even gated. Kelly said everybody knew where his house was, so it was odd that one day he was living a normal life, and the next he had paparazzi outside his house every day.

Kelly And Megan Connect On A Spiritual Level

The musician joked saying at least the couple’s outfits are good. He did reveal that the couple is not rushing into anything. Kelly also discussed how he connects with Megan on a spiritual level as well. He recalled one instance and explained how he hoped to have one more day with Megan before they spent their longest time apart.

The rapper said at the time there was a hurricane warning. Further explaining he said, “It sounds crazy but we talked to this tree… I asked this tree, ‘You gotta move this hurricane. I have to have one more day with this person, I can’t leave early.’” he shared. “I felt like the whole universe at that point could feel… that I was fighting for love. I woke up the next day and the hurricane was over.”

Kelly shared there is God’s energy all around. Back in July, the two discussed their romance for the first time in a joint interview. 

“Our trailers were next to each other so I just waited outside on my trailer steps every day I worked just to catch one glimpse of eye contact,” Machine Gun Kelly said on the Give Them Lala…With Randall podcast. “She has the most gorgeous eyes I’ve ever seen.”

Megan explained that the second that she was in a room with him and looked into his eyes, she knew right away that he was what she calls a “twin flame”. She added, “We’re actually two halves of the same soul I think. I said that to him almost immediately. I felt it right away.”

Back in May, Brian Austin Green announced his separation from Megan after 10 years of togetherness. He revealed in a podcast that the former couple had always been honest with each other. Green said, “We’ve had an amazing relationship. I will always love her, and I know she’ll always love me. I know that, like, as far as a family, like, what we’ve built, it’s really cool, and it’s really special.”


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