Meet the 17-year-old supremely talented singer and guitarist, Kushagra Thakur News

Meet the 17-year-old supremely talented singer and guitarist, Kushagra Thakur

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Time icon April 25, 2020

Kushagra Thakur, a 17-year-old singer who started singing at the age of 6 is currently one of the internet sensations in the music industry who is setting the internet on fire at this young age.

It is an unknown fact that this young lad was inspired by ace musician KK who had once performed LIVE at a show which was attended by Kushagra. The hooting and cheering for KK and his soulful voice instantly struck chords with Kushagra who then decided to take up music as a career.

To take this career ahead, Kushagra started performing at his school events and soon when he turned 10, his father further promoted Kushagra’s talent by uploading videos on YouTube.

With every passing year, Kushagra kept practising on his vocals and one fine day he decided to build his own YouTube channel which gave him an official platform to showcase his talent.

At the age of 15, Kushagra then made an Instagram account which leads him to gain immense popularity amongst the masses. The social media site helped Kushagra in reaching out to a wider audience through his melodious voice and impeccable singing skills. Initially, his songs received a fair response which later gained huge momentum.

Trying his hands on the social site and making the most out of it was Kushagra ultimate moto.

Kushagra Thakur soon became a young brand whose voice grabbed attention which resulted into an increase in the number of followers. Not just that, celebrities like Tony Kakkar, Neha Kakkar, Bpraak, Pranutan Bahl, Stebin Ben and many such actors too started appreciating Kushagra’s content.

His videos started trending on Youtube with 1.4 Million views and still counting on the song Sun Raha hai Na Tu X Photo. His other song titled Reply To Laare too crossed 8.7 lakh views on YouTube.

This is how Kushagra has been an inspiration to many who are wanting to pursue a career in the music sector and has also proved that even at the tender age you can touch heights.

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