Rajveer Rajgor

Meet Rajveer Rajgor, a child artist who took the internet by storm

The film industry is booming with talent and what’s more surprising is that the young guns are stealing the show and how.

Rajveer Rajgor, a 4-year-old from Gujarat is one such kid who has gained immense popularity at such a small age.

At a mere age of 3.5 years, Rajveer has set the social media on fire with his videos where the child is seen lip-syncing to Hindi songs effortlessly despite not understanding the language.

Rajveer’s parents state that when he was just 10 months old and they had arranged a Shiv Pooja at home, Rajveer started doing Pooja without anybody teaching him how to perform it. And his parents took his video and made it viral on social media which made him famous. Wherever he used to go say Mumbai, Delhi people used to recognise him as the child in video and they would take a selfie with him. Even on his foreign trips the airport staff and the aircraft crew recognized him. This was when Rajveer’s parents realised that he is gifted with inborn talent.

Owing to Rajveer’s mass fandom, he is one of the most followed stars on Likee app that keeps on increasing every passing day. For this achievement, Rajveer has received an award from the LIKE app.

This talent has earned Rajveer modeling offers and acting offers from Bollywood. He has already worked with ‘Garba king’ Kinjal Dave, one of the prominent singers from Gujarat in her video albums, and is been cast for her upcoming ones too. Rajveer has bagged an international Wall of Fame award by Show of Clicks and was awarded by Sushmita Sen at Mehboob Studios, Mumbai.

Bollywood stars like Sushant Singh Rajput, Salman Khan too were in awe of the kid so much so that they had invited Rajveer in their movie promotional events in the past.

Rajveer has achieved so much at such a young age that it is unbelievable and inspiring at the same time.


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