Meet iampauljames: The YouTube entrepreneur who empowers others to start their online businesses News

Meet iampauljames: The YouTube entrepreneur who empowers others to start their online businesses

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Time icon March 31, 2020

The online-learning industry is one of the fast-growing fields – and all it takes to find experts in everything willing to share their knowledge with you is a quick Google search. Information is the new global currency, and the rise of coaches and mentors selling you the illusion of a dream lifestyle or get-rich-quick schemes has become a prevalent issue.

Paul James is not one of those individuals. He is the founder and CEO of specializing in consulting and growing other organizations though digital marketing tools, focusing on small businesses and startups. You could say that his life trajectory helped him learn the hard way that success doesn’t grow on trees, and he’s not trying to sell this illusion to others either.

His background is tremendously varied, and his life story dials back to the narrative of the broke visionary starting in a garage, ending up making it big. Paul managed to go from being a struggling musician living in his brother’s garage to a successful internet marketer and best-selling author – inspiring thousands of entrepreneurs to fulfil their professional ambitions through practical methods.

As he likes to say, “if you’re waiting for that lucky break that will set you on the road to happiness and financial success, you’re wasting your time. You can hope for something good to happen – or you can make it happen.” His book “Reverse Engineer Your Future” dismantles the myth of getting rich on the internet by using buzzwords and tricking people to buy whatever you’re selling through old marketing tricks. Instead, it shifts the attention to building value, authenticity and turning your actual skills and passions into a source of income. Paul has chosen to be open about his failures and serve them as real-life examples that his audience can learn from.

Paul’s closest friends and relatives see him as a person who’s always starving for knowledge, always seeking to master a new skill. His singer-songwriter years taught him the importance of a personal brand, and the latter led him to explore the growth opportunities served by the internet and the self-promotion methods.
As an almost digital native millennial, he takes pride in being one of the pioneers in digital marketing, managing to help local businesses expand their clientele with smart SEO strategies, back when SEO was a vague term to most.

On his YouTube channel iampauljames, where he managed to attract over 200K followers, Paul James currently offers free seminars in a very Gen-Z and Millennial-friendly manner, sharing valuable tips and tricks on SEO, Lead Generation, Social Media, Affiliate Marketing and everything in-between.

Follow Paul on Instagram @hellopauljames where he uploads twice a day giving entrepreneurial insights, advertising tips, and free value that shouldn’t be thrown to the side. He also provides a front-row seat on his life’s journey.

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