Meet Driftwood, music in a paradigm.

Driftwood is an artist and producer from Australia. He has directed and edited his own music videos since 2015, developing keen new sounds with each year of progression. His latest song is “20 blocks”, available on all major platforms.

Driftwood is known for his distinct style, including high end street fashion with a feel of street culture influenced by the UK. Emitting dreamy visuals and a mixture of contemporary R&B soul, he strategically allows his listeners to experience his emotions through music.

When asked about his music, Driftwood said “My work creates a narrative that treads a line between reality and ethereal paradigms within my imagination. I aim for my art to provoke thought and emotion with my listeners by creating an overall aesthetic where the music and visual components work together as one unique artistic piece. In essence creating an online gallery that will stimulate the senses.

I don’t believe in describing narratives and storylines but instead prefer the viewers to use their own abstract intelligence to digest and interpret them for themselves.”

To get your own in depth experience with Driftwood’s music, be sure to check out his latest music video on YouTube!


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