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Meet Carly G Åhlén The Business Owner Of Åhléns

Who is Carly G Åhlén

Carly G Åhlén is a  Philanthropist, entrepreneur and Family business owner of Åhléns (Swedish department empire), who continues her entrepreneurial work, raising awareness to the plight of abused and stray associated with animals in Greece.

Early Life

Miss Carly G Åhlén whom is originally from Scotland, but from a young age grew up in England and privately educated in Kent. Carly studied in Arts and English Literature and went onto work for a well known Artist in Plymouth, Devon as Gallery Director and Personnel assistant to the Artist. She then turned her career-path to acting and theatre. She was cast-in and appeared on a popular Greek Sitcom for Alpha TV, “σε δω στο πλοίο / I’ll see you on the boat”, for 2 years.

Miss Åhlén’s Work

Miss Åhlén talks about her philanthropic work in helping to bring awareness to the mistreatment of animals in Greece and how her immersed passion routed from her altruistic Scottish heart that keeps her motivated and inspired to financially support and helps her speak out for the voiceless abused animals in Greece.

Raising Awareness About Animal Abuse

At the time of Alpha TV cast-in she became aware of the high amount of accepted animal abuse and felt compelled to change it and she left her comfortable and fortunate life in England to spend the next 7 years living on a Greek island running a Non Profit Charity, “Chios Animal Welfare Society ~ Φιλοζοικός Σύλλογος Χίου”.

Carly ran successful campaigns against poisoning, travelling circuses, illegal slaughterhouses, and ran large media campaigns to escalate the public, alongside her more usual work with stray cats and dogs. She worked along side a Danish charity to rehabilitate and revoke many of the Greek stray dogs.

Future of Carly G Åhlén

Speaking to us about her future plans with her Philanthropist and charitable work, She said: “Our prime purpose in life is to helps others, if we can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them. Animals have no voice,They can not ask for help, they can not ask for freedom or even protection. Humanity must be their voice and I will always strive to help when I can.”


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