Akash Shivdarshan Singh

Meet Akash Shivdarshan Singh – A hip hop dancer and a TikTok influencer who gets candid on getting popularity on social media

Art is not defined by a place or any person. Be it a street performer or a stage performer, one common thing among the two is the talent. It is what defines a person. Akash Shivdarshan Singh is one such performer who is an outstanding hip hop dancer. With having performed on streets as well as several stages, he has mastered himself as one of the best dancers of India. The young performer has represented Ultimate Striderz and it has been an altogether a different experience for him.

Practising for more than a year, Akash dedicatedly practised for more than 8 hours every day. Akash has performed bocking and acrobatics with Ultimate Striderz at many celebrated events in India and other parts of the world including Dubai, Bahrain, Bangladesh and Bangkok. “Dance is not just my passion but a way of life that describes me. Nothing gives me joy more than dancing and I hope to learn various distinctive dance forms”, said Akash.

Till date, he has shared the stage with many B-Town stars and other reputed performers of the country. Singh was a dance performer for Mumbai Indians for more than 6 years and he has performed in many other shows including Filmfare Awards, India’s Got Talent and Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega. Besides this, Akash Singh has been a performer in various movies including Saaho, War, Bharat to name a few.

Moreover, he feels blessed to share the same frame with Bollywood bigwigs like Salman Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Prabhas and Tiger Shroff. He said, “Every star is unique in their own way. There is so much to learn from them. I have had a great time working with these celebrities “, quoted Akash. Some of his other works as a performer include songs like Kuch Kuch with Tonny Kakkar, RAYZR Mera Swag with Badshah and Sheesha Down with Sukh-E, Avi J and Ikka Singh.

From a performer to a star himself, Akash Singh’s journey has been incredible. He enjoys a great following on TikTok with a fanbase of more than 4.5 million. Creating content on TikTok made him a sensation and today he is one of the best TikTok influencers who has worked with many who’s who of the tinsel town. His further plans are to start his own business and make his foray into acting. Singh is even all set to launch his own YouTube channel soon. We wish him lots of luck for his upcoming ventures.

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