McCullum Has Made An Impact Already - Broad

McCullum Has Made An Impact Already – Broad

The recently concluded test match at Trent Bridge will go down as one of the most thrilling test matches the game of cricket has ever seen. With a seemingly impossible chase successfully completed, England now have the series in the bag. It has been a great start for Ben Stokes as a captain, and also for McCullum as the Head Coach of this English team. A more aggressive approach can be seen of the English players on the field whether it comes to batting or bowling. While New Zealand managed to score a mammoth 553 in the first innings, England did not shy away from setting an attacking field.

The last session of Day 5 was especially a chaotic one, with boundaries being scored at a fast rate. This test match set a new record of the most runs being scored in fours and sixes in a test match. Over 1000 runs came through boundaries in this record-setting game. Stuart Broad, who was padded up to go in during the fourth innings, was not needed with the bat as Stokes made sure the job was done. 

Brendon McCullum, the newly assigned head coach of the England Test Team, has immediately made an impact in the dressing room. A year ago, against the same opposition, England were set the target of 273 with 75 overs to chase it down. But the English team took a conservative approach and settled for a draw. This wasn’t the case this time with McCullum bringing his aggressive style of play on the field through his players.

Every Part Of Our Mind Went For The Win – Broad

“Baz’s team talk was very much ‘let’s attack the danger, let’s run towards the danger’ and every part of your mind is going for this win,” he said. “Whoever is to come, the changing room has full belief that you can do your job to get the win. So it was never really a case of, if we lose one we might shut up shop. It was always we’re going to win. And if it doesn’t work, don’t worry about it, but we’re going to go for the win. 

At Headingley, you could cut the atmosphere with a knife and it felt very nerve-wracking, you were sick with seeing what’s coming. Whereas that was just about shouting every time a boundary happened. I saw a stat that showed in nine overs they scored 102 after tea. It wasn’t as if Baz said ‘go and whack it, go and slog it’. It was just play with the mindset that we’re going to chase these runs down. And Jonny just got hold of a few pull shots that got him going. That striking was… only a handful of players in the world can do that. Johnny is obviously in that group.”

Avishkar Govardhane is a Sports Editor and enthusiast, working here at Clout News covering the latest Cricket News.