McCullum Defends England's Approach, Says It's Not All 'Crash and Burn'

McCullum Defends England’s Approach, Says It’s Not All ‘Crash and Burn’

The cricketing world has been taken aback by England’s new style of play in Test Cricket. Historically, England have been the side to take the conservative approach and defend. But under Head Coach Brendon McCullum’s leadership, things have changed. England have become a team that goes for the win. They have become a team that attacks. They have become a team that has lots of belief in themselves. As everyone can see, the results are there. England have become the first team in the history of test cricket to chase down 250+ totals in 4 consecutive tests.

Before this feat, England had a miserable record of one victory in 17 tests. Ben Stokes even believed that his team could have chased down a target of 450. With the way Root and Bairstow were playing, this statement comes off as true. Also, a new term has been popping up in the cricketing community. ‘Bazball’ is one of the most trending hashtags on Twitter for the sport of cricket. Brendon McCullum was asked about this new strategy.

First of all, McCullum made it clear that he does not like the term ‘Bazball’ as it sounds silly. He later went on to say that the team’s plan is not all ‘crash and burn’. The batters decide wisely which deliveries to attack and which bowler to go after. Also, when asked whether he has ‘changed the landscape’ of test cricket, McCullum humbly replied that he doesn’t think so. Only the coming days will show whether this new approach of England team is sustainable or not.

I Don’t Like The Silly Term ‘Bazball’ – McCullum

“I don’t have any idea what ‘Bazball’ is,” McCullum told SEN radio’s WA Breakfast show. “It’s not just all crash and burn, if you look at the approach, and that’s why I don’t really like that silly term that people are throwing out there.

Because there’s actually quite a bit of thought that goes into how the guys manufacture their performances and when they put pressure on bowlers and which bowlers they put pressure on. There’s also times where they’ve absorbed pressure beautifully as well.

It’s been a challenging period for those who love the game of Test cricket because society has changed and people don’t necessarily have five days to sit down and watch cricket anymore, so we need to make sure that the product that we’ve got and the product that we’re taking to the people is worthy of their time and is able to captivate some of those imaginations.”

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