Max Caster Reacts to John Cena's Recent Praise

Max Caster Reacts to John Cena’s Recent Praise

Max Caster, an AEW star, has reacted to latest praise from veteran WWE Superstar John Cena.

Cena commended Caster for his in-ring career and rapping on the mic last month. Cena asserted that he really does not believe he could defeat Caster in a fight. He went on now to praise Caster for his exceptional talent and revealed how he gave Caster his contact information. Cena also described Caster as a more developed version of the character he played in WWE. Cena’s full remarks can be found here.

Caster was asked if he could beat Cena in a rap battle during their conference. It isn’t about being better than Cena when it comes to wordplay, he says, but about paying tribute. He furthermore addressed critics who claim he is a rip-off of John Cena’s Dr. Thuganomics persona.

When questioned if he could defeat Cena in a rap battle, Caster replied, “That’s a good question.” John was always very nice to me, even when he didn’t have to. He managed to reach out and made that public, so I’m allowed to say it now, so he reached out and then publicly said things about me in Forbes, which means a lot to me.

John Cena’ rap battle

So it was never about defeating him in a rap battle. It’s about getting past the criticism i’m a rip-off of Thuganomics. To some extent, am I correct? Maybe. He’s a huge inspiration to me and one of my favourite wrestlers.

In 2004, he was the one who reintroduced me to wrestling. So I start taking that power and help push it forward, saying, maybe there are people who fell out of wrestling in 2022, even last year, who hear there’s this rapping guy on wrestling now and he does these disses and they’re hilarious, and you watch it and you think, Oh, this is my man.

When you hear to the soundtracks, songs, or diss tracks that I release, as well as the music videos, you think to yourself, “Wow, this dude literally has some talent.”

Caster went on, So, for me, it’s not about outperforming John in any way. It was about paying homage, respect, and elevating what he did, and I believe, by his own admission, that I’m there, doing it, and hope it continues doing so.

While partner Anthony Bowens recuperates from a knee injury, Caster has been continuing to work singles matches. He lost to Keith Lee on the March 18 Rampage, defeated Sonny Kiss on the March 28 Elevation, lost to CM Punk on the March 30 Dynamite.

Sheena Bhandari is a Pro Wrestling Editor and enthusiast, working here at Clout News.