Matthew Rosa – The Inspiring Journey of 25-year-old 7 Figure Marketer

Matthew Rosa is only 25 years old and has become the first Chairman 250 of iMarketsLive. He is the first in the history of the company to achieve this. Pushing his profits to new highs, even at his age he’s now one of the highest revenues in the marketing industry.

It is hard to believe that three years ago he was working part-time to spend time doing what he’s passioned about, only dreaming to be able to work as a network marketer full time. However, it was through all these tests and turmoil that he met his partner Jason Brown(28), that also earned the same recognition as Rosa.

In 2004 they met in one company’s event and they clicked immediately. They started working in a new company in 2005.

Matthew said, “The money was not the same, but the passion and desire were always there”.

In 2005 he was they decided that they had to look for new streams of income. 

Matthew declared that he was suffering at that time and needed to make a change. He was $25.000 in credit card debt, had to return to his parent’s house and started delivering pizza and Chinese food, while he managed his business through his phone.

Even after breaking into the world of Network Marketing, his initial years were still full of hardships. He barely had enough to pay for all his bills leading him to rely on his fiancé for financial help. He had teams dropping again and again but with every adversity, he faced it with a strong belief in his vision and greater determination. It was this firm belief that has had in himself, that helped him change his reality.

At that moment of struggle with his finances, he found a new opportunity: iMarketLive. At first, it was only to learn to trade in the forex market, without building a network.

He wanted to focus on being a real client of the product and learning to trade without selling or involving anyone else.

60 days after being an IML client he fell in love with the idea of promoting the business and started to assume a position of leadership in the company. Matthew and Jason, after 63 days of partnering up, achieved a Chairman 8 level in the company, which is equivalent to a 6 figure income.

After some changes in the company at the beginnings of 2016, the company went through an operational and legal transition. Rosa was one of few leaders that decided to stay when the company went through these challenges.

Just a couple years later, all his patience appears to be bearing fruit as Matthew now has 30.000 clients all over the world and has associated with some of the most important leaders of the network marketing industry, such as Ivan Tapia, Brandon Boyd, Austin Godsay, David Imonitie, between others.

In the last 5 years, his tremendous success can be heard by hundreds and thousands of people he has mentored and spoken to. He motivates and mobilizes masses with sublime ease and makes every hardship, every difficulty, look like some piece of cake because he has been there. You will see masses from all walks of life coming in to listen to him. That’s because when life knocks you down, a little bit of motivation, a gentle kind of a push is all you need. And Matthew is a master in the art of lending that little motivation everyone is looking for.

On his actual organization, this young millennial has already made 7 figures in commissions, has 43 employees (almost all of them working remotely), and more than 30.000 clients in more than 33 countries. 

Rosa said in a recent interview: ” People that are close to me know that money stopped being my main motivation a long time ago. Of course, I’m really grateful and appreciate what I have but I would give my life to help others to become the best versions of themselves”.

“I want to change the world. My goal is to educate, enrich and empower the lives of more than 1 million men and women in 2020”.