Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy Talks About Potential WWE Sale

Recently, Vince McMahon returned to the WWE Board of Directors to oversee a possible sale of the business. Although Stephanie McMahon formally resigned from her position as co-CEO of WWE, it would appear that not everyone in the company agrees with this choice.

Nevertheless, McMahon seems adamant about going through with the sale. The industry will undoubtedly be impacted if the sale proceeds, as many wrestlers and insiders have recently discussed and conjectured. Former WWE Tag Team Champion Matt Hardy talked about the company’s potential sale and how much he believes it would alter the wrestling industry.

Hardy predicted that it would have a seismic impact on the sector. Hardy stated in “The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy” that “the incredible change a WWE sale would make to the industry can’t be understated.” “It would be absurd for the McMahons to sell it to someone else and not keep it themselves. Who can predict what would occur? Who knows what that does to the business, especially if the Saudis end up owning it? In theory, that alters the entire future of professional wrestling, I mean it just changes so many things.”

Tony Khan, is interested in buying WWE

Hardy currently works for AEW, whose CEO, Tony Khan, is rumoured to be interested in buying WWE. He does not currently work for WWE. Hardy talked about how he thinks AEW would be impacted if WWE sold their business. I believe it will help AEW, Hardy said. “AEW has had a very, very successful three years and is in a prime position to grow and to expand, to become bigger, and to also garner more media rights when it comes to their next TV deal.”

The RAW episode airing on January 23rd won’t feature Ronda Rousey. It not only serves as the final episode of the Royal Rumble 2023, but it also celebrates the Monday Night Show’s 30th anniversary. The Baddest Woman on the Planet was promoted for the 30th-anniversary episode.

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