Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy Remembers An Exciting Vince McMahon Meeting During The Attitude Era In WWE 

Matt Hardy and Edge were both important members of WWE in 2005, and their paths collided at SummerSlam. Moreover, which is very well known, the pair were embroiled in significant backstage drama surrounding their relationships with Amy Dumas, aka Lita, and the circumstance had begun to worry Vince McMahon.

McMahon was concerned that there would be tension between us Edge, so he summoned us to his office and told us he was going to sit us down and talk to us, as well as tell us how he wanted the fight to end, according to Hardy on The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy. The first point Vince says to Edge and Matt is, You know the WWE is my firm, okay? Yeah, we go. I’m trying to remind you right now, if either one of you goes out tonight and tries to take liberties with others.

If you try to intentionally hurt each other, I am a very powerful man in this industry, and I promise you neither of you will ever work a day in this industry again, do you understand? Yeah, yeah, yes of course, we say. We comprehend. But that wasn’t the only thing McMahon had to say to the couple. McMahon’s speech took an unexpected turn after he warned Hardy and Edge not to take liberties with one another.

Vince’s monologue

He asked, Have you ever seen two animals… in the wild kingdom who are going to fight each other? Hardy went on. Have you really seen one animal cut another animal, and when that animal starts bleeding and odour the blood, it grows bigger, flares up, snarls, and trying to murder the other animal? These are your instinctual urges. We were so terrified by Vince’s monologue that we were sitting next to each other, almost cuddling, as if to say, What the f***? Hardy stated. We believe he helped bring us inside to freak us out in order to make a connection and give us something to talk about.

Amidst the real-life tension, Edge defeated Hardy in just under five minutes of action, with Lita by his side. No liberties were taken. Everything in that fight was professional, except for Vince, who went insane, according to Hardy. He asked us, Have you ever seen a hobbled or wheelchair-bound person and wanted to eat them? That is the quotation. He stated that this is human psychology and basic instincts.

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