Match Review: New York Knicks VS Brooklyn Nets, April 6, 2022

Match Review: New York Knicks VS Brooklyn Nets, April 6, 2022

The curtains are closing on the regular season! And onward comes the playoffs! With the last remaining games, the Brooklyn Nets faced off against the New York Knicks in the prestigious Madison Square Garden. This was their 4th and last meeting of the regular season in which the Nets won all of their last meeting. Despite being out of the Playoffs, the Knicks were eager to get a win.

The Brooklyn Nets went with a lineup of Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Seth Curry, Bruce Brown and Andre Drummond. The New York Knicks started with RJ Barrett, Evan Fournier, Obi Toppin, Jericho Sims and Alec Burks.

Game Summary

At the start of the game, both teams went head to head in the clash, trading shots after shots. The Knicks were trying to use the interior but Drummond was somehow managing to steer them away. In the 2nd quarter however, the Nets were missing the mark from behind the 3-point land and they were letting the Knicks run circles around their defence. The Knicks outscored the Nets with 67-50 in the 1st half.

The Knicks extended the lead by 21 points in the beginning of the 2rd quarter. After that however, the Knicks lost their touch. The Nets rallied back led by Durant and Irving. It was ironical to see an offensive powerhouse like the Nets doing well on defense as they did not let the Knicks do any of their plays.

Durant completely took over making plays, scoring and rebounding. He was literally everywhere on the court! The Knicks lost their lead and the Nets pounded them showing them their place. The Knicks only scored a combined 31 points in the 2nd half.

Box Score

RJ Barrett was put up 23 points, 7 rebounds and 7 assists. Alec Burks gave a decent 24 points and 4 rebounds. Obi Toppin scored 19 points and blocked 3 shots. Jericho Sims scored a silent double-double with 10 points and 13 rebounds along with 3 blocks.

Kevin Durant put up a triple double for the team as he scored 32 points, grabbed 10 rebound and dished 11 rebounds along with 2 blocks. Kyrie Irving proved to be the ideal support to Durant as he put up 24 points, 8 rebounds, 7 assists and 3 steals. Seth Curry and Patty Mills proved their marksmanship putting up 15 points each.

The Nets went away with the victory with a scoreline of 110-98. The Knicks blew a 21-point lead but they cannot be blamed for it as they were facing a super-offensive team in the Nets. To them, a 21 point gap can be bridged in a matter of a quarter. The Nets swept them in the regular season series and now their morale is riding high as they are getting ready for the play-in tournament.

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