Match Review, Los Angeles Lakers VS New Orleans Pelicans, 27th March 2022

Match Review, Los Angeles Lakers VS New Orleans Pelicans, 27th March 2022

The Los Angeles Lakers and the New Orleans Pelicans met for the 2nd time this season. Their last meeting was a loss for the Lakers 95-123. This was an important match for both teams as they seek the victory to keep their grip on the 9th seed and move forward.

Going up and then back down

The Lakers started off this game with only victory in their mind and their intentions were clear in the 1st half as they outscored the Pelicans 69-49. The Lakers fed the ball to LeBron as he scored 25 lone points in the 1st half.

However, from the 2nd half, the Pelicans took over and decimated the Lakers’ lead. The Pelicans barraged the Lakers with 3s. Added to that was the amount of turnover that the Lakers were incurring. It was infuriating to see only LeBron giving his all in the match while the rest of them struggled.

Box Score

In the entire game, LeBron scored 39 points, 9 rebounds, 5 assists and a block. All of this while he nicked his ankle during a play in the 2nd quarter, when he bumped into Jaxson Hayes while going for a rebound. Yet he continued his onslaught which proved his mantle as the leader and voice of the Lakers.

Russell Westbrook needs to do a lot more on the court. He scored only 18 points, dished 6 assists and grabbed 7 rebounds. While this may look good in a stat sheet but Westbrook leaves his man half the time to grab the rebound. Malik Monk contributed by scoring 23 points and gave 6 assists.

The addition of CJ McCollum is proving to be such a huge bonus for the Pelicans. He scored 18points, dished 7 assists and grabbed 4 rebounds. Ever since CJ’s arrival the Pelicans have continued to win games on a consistent basis.

Brandon Ingram has scored 26 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assists. Jonas Valanciunas scored 19 points along with 12 rebounds to prolong the Pelicans offense. They used the Laker’s lack of size to their advantage.

The Pelicans won the match with a scoreline of 116-108, coming down from 20 points down. This is a huge knock for the Lakers as they are now in the 10th seed and a loss away from being out of the playoff picture. It will be a shame to see such a star studded veteran team not reach the Playoffs and it will be for the 1st time in LeBron’s career.

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