Match Review: Los Angeles Lakers vs Los Angeles Clippers, 3rd March 2022

Match Review: Los Angeles Lakers vs Los Angeles Clippers, 3rd March 2022

The Los Angeles Lakers seems to be spiraling on a downward trend. They matched up against the Clippers who are without Kawhi Leonard and Paul George and yet the Lakers lost in a blowout, 132-111. This marked their 8th loss in the last 10 games and the Clippers sweeped them in the regular season series 4-0 without their superstar.

Game Analysis

The Lakers shot just 49% from the field and 34.3% from beyond the arc compares to the Clippers 54.8% and 63% respectively. In addition to that the Lakers turned the ball over 14 times in the entire game. The Clippers are mediocre in terms of defense and the fact that the Lakers struggled with them sums up their season.

The Lakers were neck and neck against the Clippers in the first half, ending with 63-66. The third quarter however, the Lakers got outscored 18-40 and they couldn’t recover from that in the fourth quarter. This has been the problem with the Lakers. Their extreme inconsistencies in in certain quarters have costed them the entire game.

Press Conference

In the postgame interview with Russell Westbrook when asked about his vision he stated, “What did I envision? Is the season over? Is the season over? No? Thank you. What did you envision? Since you spoke for me, I want to know what you envisioned. You still haven’t answered my question. What did I envision? I want to know what you think my vision is.”

“I have no expectations, that’s why you don’t know what I envision. The last 4 years I’ve been on 4 different teams. My vision of thinking everything is gonna be peaches and cream, that’s not realistic, that’s not life. So I come into every situation, start from ground zero and figure out along the way. I have no expectations of how things will work. I just try to find ways to best help my teammates and that’s about it.” He added.

Upon hearing this statement, Shaq on Inside the NBA said, “I think I see what the problem is. Nobody’s mad. I’m telling you now, I’m losing to the Clippers somebody get beat up that night, in the locker room… The problem to me is ain’t nobody mad. I’d be pissed if I lost to the Clippers and Reggie Jackson out there C-walking and dancing with a damn bird.” Charles Barkley topped off by saying, “All those old guys, they’re cooked.”

There is truth to Barkley’s words as the Lakers main player have all passed their prime and cannot sustain the level of play that they were doing their previous seasons, with the exception of LeBron. It’s a miracle that they are even in the 9th seed in the Western Conference. If the Lakers intend to contend this year then they have to be patient for Anthony Davis’ arrival and compete in the Playoffs as if their lives depended on it.

“Ladies and gentleman you have witnessed the 2nd greatest performance in NBA history.” That’s the way Soham was introduced to the world of Basketball. He is an ardent fan of the game capturing every moment, whether it be the long and turbulent regular season or the nail-biting playoff series. His perspective as a player provides valuable insight to the game. A follower of Kobe Bryant, he brings his mamba mentality in gathering every piece of information of the NBA.

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