Match Review, Golden State Warriors VS Denver Nuggets, March 10, 2022

Match Review, Golden State Warriors VS Denver Nuggets, March 10, 2022

Coming into match, the Golden State Warriors were 0-3 in the regular season series against the Denver Nuggets. Both Curry and Jokic are in the MVP conversations this season with both players having a record season of their own.

Both teams were a player or two short of their full roster due to injuries. This match was a preview of the Playoffs as it is expected that they might face each other in the 1st round considering they remain in their respective standings in the Western Conference.

Golden State Warriors Box Score

The Golden State Warriors came into this match hungry for a win and they delivered. Stephen Curry barraged the Nuggets with his 3s in the 3rd quarter and the Nuggets had no answer to him. He ended the game with 34 points, 3 assists and 9 rebounds. As usual, Curry was creating space getting screens from Looney and Bjelica to hit uncontested 3s, cutting inside the basket and drawing fouls

Klay Thompson was not far behind as he scored 18 points, 3rebounds and 2 assists. After returning from injury, it was expected that Thompson would need some time to get into playing shape but his performance has not deterred as much as it was thought to be.

Jordan Poole is making a name for himself with the Warriors as his production has gone up. He scored 21 points, dished out 7 assists and grabbed 5 boards. His versatility on both ends of the floor could be seen against the Nuggets as he defended Monte Morris and slowed him down.

Denver Nuggets Contributions

Nikola Jokic is literally carrying the Nuggets on his back. He almost put up near triple double numbers with 23 points, 9 assists and 12 rebounds. His playmaking is always a sight to see when he gave an inbound cross court pass to Aaron Gordon who slammed the ball.

Monte Morris cannot fill Jamal Murray’s shoes as it is evident with his playstyle. It is not to put a knock on him because he is a good player but he is not on Murray’s level. The return of Murray and Porter is very much awaited by the Nuggets if they have to win the Playoffs.

The Warriors took the win with a scoreline of 113-102. Their next matchup is bound to be in the Playoffs if possible and that would be one matchup that nobody wants to miss. Will the Golden State Warriors reclaim their forgotten glory or will witness the birth of a new Dynasty?

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