Match Review: Brooklyn Nets VS Miami Heat, 26 March 2022

Match Review: Brooklyn Nets VS Miami Heat, 26 March 2022

The Nets met the Heat for the 4th and last time in the regular season of the NBA. The Heat have taken the upper hand in the previous 3 meetings winning all of them. With the playoffs approaching, both teams are dueling it out to make their place known.

The Heat started with their main lineup of Kyle Lowry, Duncan Robinson, Jimmy Butler, P J Tucker and Bam Adebayo. The Nets without Ben Simmons started with a lineup of Kyrie Irving, Seth Curry, Bruce Brown Jr, Kevin Durant and Andre Drummond.

The Heat in danger?

The game started with a head to head clash. Both teams expressed their sense of urgency and they went at each other with an intention just to win. The Nets moved the ball around as much as the Heat have. They vouched on their role players to elevate their games rather than just having their star players go at it.

The momentum shifted during the 2nd quarter as the Heat gave up way too many turnovers. They finished the game with 21 turnovers which is the reason for their losses in their recent matches. Due to some reckless passing, the Heat suffer severe repercussions from allowing opponents to score off turnovers and the Nets have capitalized on that.

Box Score

The Box score was almost evenly distributed with Kevin Durant being the only one on both teams breaking into the 20 points mark. Durant had 23 points, 5 assist and 3 rebounds.

Drummond who was instrumental in the match with his interior presence, scored 13 points and grabbed 11 rebounds in just 18 minutes. Seth Curry has become a key piece for the Nets with his marksmanship scoring 17 points in 22 minutes.

In the Heat’s side, no player has scored above 15 points. Bam Adebayo had 14 points, 2 assist and 6 rebounds. Jimmy Butler scored only 7 points. Tyler Herro came off the bench and put up 13 points which clearly isn’t enough. Kyle Lowry was off the mark with his playmaking as he scored just 12 points and dished out only a single assist.

What the results of this match mean

This is a very lackluster performance from the Miami Heat that too before the playoffs where the players should be pumped up. They lost 95-110 which can be seen with a lot of negative eye. This put the Heat on the 2nd seed which means they have the most probability to face the Nets in the 1st round.

The Brooklyn Nets have shown that the NBA should be wary of them as they can beat any team from any conference with the depth of the players they have. With Simmons returning before the Playoffs, the Nets have stamped their authority on the title for this season.

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