Match Review: Brooklyn Nets vs Charlotte Hornets, March 8, 2022

Match Review: Brooklyn Nets vs Charlotte Hornets, March 8, 2022

The match between the Hornets and the Nets was a captivating one for the fans. As the season is nearing it’s end, the intensity of the matches are increasing game after game. Former Champion Kyrie Irving was no stranger to these moments so he went right at his opponents.

The start of the game saw Drummond getting a nosebleed as he got hit by Plumlee while defending him. He was back in the game after stopping his bleeding. The Nets controlled most of the momentum of the game.

Kyrie on fire

Then began the Kyrie Irving show with his razzle dazzle display of dribbling against the Hornets. He was cutting on the inside, making jumpers, shooting 3s. He was doing it all on the court and was showing no signs of stopping.

He ended the game with a season-high 50 points in the game. This shows Kyrie’s scoring prowess using his bag of skills and shot making. To top it off he scored 50 points by shooting 15 of 19 from the field. That is almost 80% from the field. Such efficiency shows his shot selection and his ability to create space for easy shots. Kevin Durant literally let Kyrie run the show with him scoring just 14 points.

Other player’s impact

It was not as though the Hornets were a pushover. Miles Bridges and Terry Rozier put up 30 points each as they slashed into the paint and shot 3s. Lamelo Ball also put up 24 points and dished 7 assists with good shooting splits.

Yet the Nets managed to overpower their opponents with their offence. The addition of Drummond has solidified their defense and offence under the basket as he grabbed 14 rebounds and scored 20 points. Drummond’s value to the team has been tremendous as he is proving that he is what the team lacked since he had been acquired from the Sixers.

The Brooklyn Nets ultimately won the game with a scoreline of 132-121. They have now tied the regular season series against the Hornets with a win each. Their next meeting is on 27th March. Let’s see whether we would get to witness something amazing like today’s game.

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