Match Review: Boston Celtics VS Charlotte Hornets, March 9, 2022

Match Review: Boston Celtics VS Charlotte Hornets, March 9, 2022

The Boston Celtics have been on a tear lately, winning 3 games prior to meeting the Hornets. Against the Hornets, the Celtics have 2-1 regular season series lead and are looking for the win. For the Hornets, this game is a must win for them to keep their position in the regular season intact.

Jayson Tatum on fire

Jayson Tatum has been red hot the past 3 games scoring above 30 points. This game was no exception as he caught fire and went on to score 44 points. He made 16 of his 24 shots from the field and made 66% of his 3s. He has improved his midrange game as well as hitting really smooth fade-away shots.

Other Player’s contribution

Both teams were playing a team oriented game. The Hornets, however, were making errors leading to 16 turnovers in the entire game. LaMelo Ball struggled to get into the game as he scored just 15 points and dished out only 4 assists. Extremely poor showing from one of the elite passers of the NBA!

The biggest surprise was Marcus Smart dishing out 9 assist in the entire game. Smart was solely known for his defense. This season after losing Kemba Walker, Smart has started shouldering the playmaking duties. Although he was not good at the start of the season, the experience he had on those games have helped him elevate his court vision.

The acquisition of Derrick White is proving to be a smart move by the Celtics management. White who was in San Antonio Spurs was known for his ability to make plays and hit the 3 point. His playstyle however, did not complement the team and the Spurs let him go. His addition to the Celtics was a huge bonus as he is doing the little things that the Celtics were missing.

Robert Williams III, has improved drastically and has grabbed 4 offensive rebounds in the games. This allowed Al Horford to operate in the 3-point line without worrying about missing the shot. Even Grant Williams had a good night as he picked up where Robert left.

The Celtics won 115-101 and have added win number 4 on their streak. They have become a completely different team compared to the start of the season, when they were struggling to win games. Now that they have a solid grasp on the 5th seed, the Celtics will try to enter into the top 4 seeds to gain the home advantage.

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