Marvel’s Scarlet Witch Might Already Be Back From The Dead

In the latest issue of Marvel Comics’ The Trial of Magneto, Scarlet Witch seemingly may already be back from the dead. This is after her alleged murder at the hands of Magneto. But it was decided by the Krakoa’s Quiet Council that Wanda Maximoff will not be brought back using their resurrection protocols.

The Avengers brought Wanda’s body to be buried as her technical status is non-mutant. However, there are new developments left to unfold as the latest issue reveals that burial might not be needed. The aftermath of Hellfire Gala saw Scarlet Witch murdered in the bushes.

Leah Williams and Lucas Werneck’s first issue of The Trial of Magneto revealed that the evidence found at the scene; and the autopsy suggested that she was strangled by someone close to her with the power of magnetism. Magneto is the prime suspect naturally but there are other factors that suggest something else.

Now, X-Men: The Trial of Magneto #2 confirmed that Wanda is still alive. Maybe because of her consciousness in some other magical plane. The confusion begins when Hope Summers wakes Magneto up from his imposed sleep to prevent the Avengers from seeing Wanda’s body for some reason. When Magneto confesses to murdering Wanda in an effort to get the Avengers to leave; Wanda herself seemingly arrives alive and well.

Mystique was seen hiding which throws away the idea that Wanda is being impersonated by the shape-shifting mutant. But the question is: how is Wanda alive? Was she resurrected against the Quiet Council’s wishes or was she brought back using other magical means? Or is this a false Wanda with the real one being held in the magical plane?

Mysteries are piling up as The Trial of Magneto will eventually unravel the truth.


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