Marvel Studios Onboards Obi-Wan Kenobi Writers For Armor Wars

As Marvel Phase 4 is all about exploring the stories of supporting characters in previous phases. They will now become the main characters, in these upcoming phases because the OG Avengers have already departed except Thor, Hawkeye & Hulk.

One of the familiar faces in the MCU, like Don Cheadle’s War Machine, will also be getting a show as announced prior. But since there was no news at San Diego Comic-Con about the ‘Armor Wars ‘ series. There was uncertainty if we would get to witness James Rhodes’s story or not.

Don Cheadle will be appearing in Secret Invasion. At the D23 expo, we officially got the confirmation of Armor Wars as they revealed the logo for the project. Now some more development information has been revealed. Let’s check out what it is.

Which Writers Are Onboarded For Armor Wars?

A Reddit user named u/xksgdm revealed that the Marvel studios have recruited a total of four writers for the series. The first one is Rayna McClendon, her work includes Obiwan Kenobi, The Walking Dead: World Beyond, Awkward, and the upcoming series Willow.

Emma Fletcher is the second addition to the team. Her film and TV shows include Summer Camp Island, Red Oaks, and two episodes of Strangers. Lekethia Dalcoe will also be joining the team, her work include Horror Stories. Along with these three writers Garrick Bernard is also onboard.

Will War Machine Become The Next Iron Man In Series?

In an interview with Extra at the D23 expo, he responded if he is the next Iron man. To which he says he really doesn’t know. Don says, ” I mean I think that Rhodey is his own dude. I don’t think that anyone can really step into this… Tony Stark Iron Man Shoes.”  He adds, ” I think he did that as well as anyone could ever do it.” In the upcoming show Armor Wars, the audience will learn about what Rhodey wants and explore his story about who he is really. 


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