Marvel Studios In Collab With EA Motive Studios Announces Iron Man Game

Marvel is not only expanding its business when it comes to films and TV shows. But the studios now have also gotten into the gaming industry as well. Today, Marvel announced its brand new game in collaboration with EA Motive Studios which will be coming out soon.

The game is of none other than of the most beloved hero of Marvel ‘Iron Man’. The game is said to be in its pre-production stage and will soon be released. It will have various single-player modes, for the fans to get the best gaming experience. The different mode includes, ‘single player, third person & adventure’.

Marvel Studios have released a statement in relation to the new game. The statement reads that the studio is thrilled to collaborate with the Motive studios team “to bring their original vision of one of Marvel’s most important, powerful and beloved characters.”

Oliver Proulx, the member who has also worked on the “Guardians of The Galaxy” game will also be leading the team for this new game. The players will get to witness how it feels to be under that suit of Armor as they play this fantastic game. Marvel fans will get to embody the Iron Man character qualities in it.

Bill Roseman, Creative Director Of Marvel Games says that the game will bring together the entertainment world & exciting gameplay along with this passion for Iron Man. All this will ‘fuel our quest to deliver a love letter to a legendary hero in the form of the ultimate iron man video game.”

The game hasn’t got any official dates or titles as of yet. Recently, Marvel also did announce another game of Black Panther & Captain America.

Skydance’s Black Panther & Captain America Game

Skydance Media of Amy Hennig and Marvel Studios have collaborated to introduce a new game for two beloved characters of Marvel. It’s none other than Black Panther & Captain America. Skydance revealed small footage on its official Twitter handles after the D23 expo.

Other details are still under wraps. The game will take place in the World War II era. The game is termed a globe-trotting adventure’. It will feature four playable characters. The names of the characters are Steve Rogers as Cap, Azzuri, T’Challa’s grandfather as Black Panther, Gabriel Jones (member of howling commandos), and Nanali (a leader of fledging Wakandan Spy Network).

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