Marvel Brings Back One Of Spider-Man's Weirdest Villains

Marvel Brings Back One Of Spider-Man’s Weirdest Villains

Iron Man’s current run has surpassed fans’ expectations, incorporating an unexpected cast of characters into Tony Stark’s canon. Several heroes, antiheroes and antagonists have crossed the iron avenger’s path throughout the course of the series’ fifteen issues, including a few that may best be classified as obscure.

The series’ sixteenth issue, which was just released this week, carried that tendency to enormous proportions, revisiting one of Spider-Man’s eccentric foes. Below are Iron Man #16 spoilers from Christopher Cantwell, Julius Ohta, Frank D’Armata, and Joe Caramagna.

Tony continued to employ the Power Cosmic, which he earned during a climactic battle with Korvac, in this issue. The character revealed his dreams for how he may use his new talents after returning to Earth and meeting The Avengers and the Fantastic Four- and how he couldn’t quite verbalise the lofty ideals he had.

Instead, Tony wanted to bestow his level of intelligence on everyone in New York City as a test run to see if his ideas could be better implemented. Jackson Weele, commonly known as the Spider-Man villain Big Wheel, was one of those affected by the shift in intelligence.

Weele has been in a coma for five years following the events of Deadpool & The Mercs for Money #4; but he had abruptly woken up, according to hospital workers. He not only awoke from his coma, but he did so with an “incredible idea”; which he immediately raced to put into action.

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This required him to pilot a more powerful version of his enormous wheel; which he used to fire lasers at the traffic below. Big Wheel is fought by Iron Man and Hellcat until Iron Man uses Cosmic Power to destroy it. Hellcat inquired about Big Wheel’s activities and discovered that he was attempting to improve traffic with his technology.

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Big Wheel Returns As Iron Man Comes Back

As previously said, this is Big Wheel’s first comic appearance since the 2016 Deadpool comic and he certainly returned with a bang. The character is frequently seen as one of Spider-Man’s rogues’ gallery’s most gimmicky members; prompting comments from current Spider-Man movie director Jon Watts years ago.

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But now that Iron Man has returned, Big Wheel is back in the Marvel universe; and no one knows where he’ll end up.

Iron Man #16 is now available in all comic-book stores.

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