Malaysia’s Top Model Siew Pui Yi Reveals The Secret Of Her Flawless Skin. Read To Know!

It is said that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Every model or celebrity you see are blessed with beautiful looks but very few possess good looks as well as boldness in them. Today we tell you about one of the gorgeous models of the world, Siew Pui Yi who is making the loudest noise on the internet. With an extremely powerful fanbase of more than 750K followers on Instagram, the model’s popularity is increasing with each passing day. Besides having gorgeous looks, her perfectly toned body has tempted all her fans. Beginning her modelling career in 2015 in Malaysia, she got a big break when an artist management agency discovered her and chose her to star in several advertisements and music videos. Over the years, she has won many accolades including the International Asia Wang Hong Award in Shanghai, China as Asia’s top influencer. In an exclusive conversation, the sizzling diva reveals about her beauty, secrets to having flawless skin and much more:

Q: What was that one thing that inspired you to become a model?

A: A never-ending dream. An inspired goal to be a successful Victoria Secret Angel. Back in high school, I was a huge fan of the lingerie runway with the glamorous designs and fitness body shape. At 15, I wished to enrol into the modelling industry and hoping one day I will be on the runway and that’s where I am today.

Q: What are the perks of being a model?

A: You get to meet people from diverse walks of life. I have met many professionals that are more mature than me and had more experiences. I am learning new skills every day from them. At work set, I am very hard working and very diligent to learn. I respect my crew and treat them as friends. Every person teaches you something worth learning and I respect that to the fullest.

Q: What does beauty mean to you?

A: It comes from different skin colours, hair types, facial features and body shapes. I am very thankful over the years indulging into the modelling industry. Through social media, I can find balance and beauty in both worlds. Instagram has taught me beauty across many nations and each ethnicity has their authentic beauty.

Q: What is the secret behind your flawless skin?

A: Skincare is a must. Getting the right fit for your skin type. Mine is a combination of oily and dry so, I did experiment with a handful of products till I found the right one. Also, the right kind of nutrition plays an important role. It totally depends on what kind of food you intake which later reflects on your skin. Drinking water regularly has also helped me to get glowy skin.

Q: Who do you look up to when it comes to fashion and beauty?

A: I always love streetwear and Harajuku fashion. If you see, my closet is filled with present trendsetter items. As for beauty, I would invest in organic skincare that is mild on my skin. I love to create trends by myself. I don’t follow people’s fashion but I get inspired by them. Every individual is different and has got a different sense of style.

Q: If not a model, what would Siew Pui Yi be?

A: I could think of anything around. Choosing again of all my choices, I would probably end up on the same path. I have always dreamt to be a model. If not into modelling, I would probably have been a struggling model (laughs).