Making Halima Sultan a Pakistani brand ambassador is a slap in the face to us

KARACHI: I am completely with Yasir Hussain in the matter of Turkish artists, Jaleh Sarhadi

Making Halima Sultan a Pakistani brand ambassador is a slap in the face to us

Actress Jale Sarhadi has said that making Turkish actress Asri Baljik (Halima Sultan) the ambassador of Pakistani brand is a slap in the face. There is no doubt that Halima Sultan, whose real name is Asri The number of fans of Belgium is increasing day by day in Pakistan and people are just as curious to know about Belgium as they used to be about Indian actresses.

Social media is the only platform where fans can stay in touch with their artists. Seeing the growing popularity of Turkish actors in Pakistan, many companies are using these artists to promote their products.

Actor Yasir Hussain is not happy with this at all and has made a statement against making Turkish actors ambassadors of Pakistani brands instead of Pakistani actors and now actress Jale Sarhadi has also joined the list.

Also read: Yasir Hussain blasts Halima Sultan for brand ambassador A video of a recent interview with Jaleh Sarhadi is going viral on social media in which she is expressing strong resentment over making Asri Beljik an ambassador for Pakistani brands. Saying that he is completely with Yasir Hussain in this matter

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