Make Hales Joins Forces With Malik Jan, Indi Jay Cammish, and Lean Chad Fight Club To Unveil DeHub

NFTs are disrupting traditional way of doing things. Be it music production or sports card collection, Non-Fungible Tokens are replacing the traditional route by establishing their dominance.

At its core, NFTs are unique digital art pieces, the holders of which are entitled to perks, benefits, and utility. These digital art pieces have come to be used in several industries to date. And now, things have got even more exciting as Non-Fungible-Tokens enter the world of Combat Sports.

If you are fan of combat sports, you must have heard about the low fighter pay controversies and discussions that go around in the MMA space. While other combat sports pay out up to 50% of earnings to the fighters, it is not the same case for MMA fighters. This has upset a lot of fighters and of course, the fans.

To level the playing field and address the issue of low fighter pay and healthcare in MMA, Lean Chad Fight Club was founded. It is led by blockchain expert Mike Hales alongside his partner who is a MMA industry veteran. Lean Chad Fight Club is fully backed by De Hub, an elite lifestyle and entertainment hub.

Lean Chad Fight club has also onboarded UFC’s Lerone Murphy and Bellator’s Kane Mouth in their organization.

But how will Lean Chad Fight Club and De Hub help in solving the low fighter pay problems in MMA with blockchain and NFTs? The project is going to launch 11,111 NFT tokens that are currently being mined on OpenSea.

These 11,111 digital tokens seek to build a global community of MMA fighters and fans. The holders of the NFT are entitled to life-long perks such as:

  • Access to fight events across the globe
  • Exclusive member-only parties
  • Access to affiliate gyms across the globe

The community pool of the project will also be helping finance the training and healthcare of many MMA fighters.

De Hub is also in the process of launching its DApp on the blockchain. It will work in collaboration with Lean Chad Fight Club to stream exclusive fight night series on the DApp that will be available free of cost to the NFT holders. The best part about these fight nights? No fighter pay controversies because everyone gets paid fairly. On top of that, NFT holders will also get to special advantage while playing the sports combat game that De Hub will soon launch.

With the rise of Lean Chad Fight Club X De Hub, it has become evident that NFTs and blockchain technology holds the power to disrupt any industry on planet earth. While the applications of blockchain are not crystal clear at the moment, a revolution seems to be in the making.

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