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Madison Prewett says ‘faith’ is a major part of her close friendship with Selena Gomez

Bachelor star surprised us earlier this year by appearing in Selena Gomez’s Instagram handle. The pair have much more in common than their participation in loving Bachelor alone.

Selena Gomez has always talked about ‘faith’ and how it plays a huge role in her life. Madison has also revealed the same about herself.

Madison claims that this ‘faith’ that they both share has brought them closer. And it has played a major part in their friendship as well.

Madison and Selena started appearing in Instagram stories together when quarantine first began. Madison began hanging out with Selena after her very public split from Peter Weber.

Selena is a huge fan of the Bachelor. She was rooting for Madi and she was so engrossed in the last season that aired on ABC.

madison hangs out with selena gomez after peter breakup

Sel and Madi were shopping for some board games with a handful of their friends when quarantine started.

Madison recently revealed the root of their friendship, which is faith.

The 24-year-old told Us Weekly: “[Faith] is something that is just a really big part of our friendship. I’m very selective with who I allow to really, like, get really, really close to me.”

She explains that if she lets in someone into her life, it is important they both encourage and grow in faith. Madi continues saying being there in good and bad days and also praying for each other is important for her.

Selena has been very vocal about her faith in God. She has always talked about it. Selena constantly is the part of a Hill Song church. She opened up about her faith after releasing her song ‘Lose You To Love Me’ in October last year.

Selena once tweeted about how she is laying down and thanking Jesus. She continued writing that she always gets surprised and fall in love with Him again.

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Selena explains how in the worst moments in life she never stops wanting His love.

“I’m literally just laying down and thanking Jesus. He always surprises me and I re-fall in love with Him every single time. In my worst moments, like awful, most painful moments — I never stopped falling to my knees wanting and needing only His love.”

Madison also talked about her faith during the Bachelor. She said how important it was for her to save herself until marriage. Madi also wants her relationships to be faith-centric. Faith is what she looks for in a relationship.

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