Machine Gun Kelly’s “Life In Pink” Documentary To Explore His Life Journey

We listen to music, we appreciate the songs that an artist creates, and we see them onscreen as a star. But how’s their life behind the camera, what hardships they have faced at the initial stages to the rise of stardom.

One such story of the famous singer Machine Gun Kelly is coming soon to Hulu, it’s a documentary that will show the highs and lows the artist has faced in his life.

Machine Gun Kelly is known for his various songs like Bad things, Bloody valentine, Till I die, See my tears, My ex’s best friend, Rap devil, Wild boy, and many more.

On 16th June Hulu dropped a trailer of his brand new documentary “Life in Pink” which will revolve around the life of Machine Gun Kelly. The documentary also features some Important people in his life like his dad, his friends, Megan Fox (His current wife), and his 12-year-old daughter Casie Colson Baker.

At the beginning of the trailer, Kelly narrates, ” My life wasn’t always like this.” which is a nod to the initial stages of his life and how it changed over the years as he became more and more popular.

In the trailer, he talks about how he always dreamt big. He shows the place where he shot his first-ever music video, the place was Adm deli and he talked about his incidents over there.

One of his friends spoke about how MGK’s dad kicked him out of the house, and MGK and he use to leave in a basement. The documentary also focuses on the controversy of Conor McGregor throwing a drink at him at the MTV VMAs. Also how people hated him & use to throw branches and beverages.

He speaks about how he turned his pain into music and even after so many hardships he never gave up on his career. The trailer shared the sweet father-daughter bond of MGK and Casie. He also narrates about his father’s suffering and he feels sorry for it, he says, “I’m so sorry for how we live this life together we’ll do better in the next one.”

The documentary portrays his passion for music and how even though he faced a lot of pain and loss he still continues to succeed. He says in the trailer his fans relate to him because of the pain in his lyrics. We also see glimpses of Megan Fox and Kelly’s relationship.

The trailer ends with a powerful saying by Kelly, “that’s what’s so cool about music so many different personalities and so much that we don’t have in common with each other but when that one song comes on that we all love, it all goes away.”

The release date for the documentary is not yet announced. Watch the trailer, here.

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