Machine Gun Kelly Talks About His Character In Musical Film “Taurus”

Machine Gun Kelly is all set to star in a new Musical drama film that will be coming out this month. The movie is named “Taurus” and will release on 18th November 2022. Every rising artist faces struggles before reaching the top. But even after achieving success doesn’t mean there won’t be any lows.

Recently Machine Gun Kelly did an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, where he explained what’s his new film about. The Rap Devil plays the character in the film named Cole.

The character is a struggling artist, whose journey explores various good and bad sides of stardom. Machine Gun Kelly relates to his character. How? Let’s find it out below.

In conversation with the outlet, Machine Gun Kelly adds how the character Cole shows us that stardom is not full of highs but has lows as well. He reveals that when he was young and use to watch celebrities, he wanted what famous people have, as he was broke and use to think that he had no life. He says that he would have gone to any extent to earn everything that a popular person has.

Kelly says, ” And I would do whatever it takes to have what you have. And your problems, I would do whatever to have that.” He believes that to some extent the young version of him was right. Because who wouldn’t like such a life?

He concludes by saying, ” this life is beautiful- the highs are the highest highs. But I will not front that the lows are the lowest lows.”

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