Machine Gun Kelly Smashes Glass on His Face after the Madison Square Garden Show

Machine Gun Kelly Smashes Glass on His Face after the Madison Square Garden Show

Musician Machine Gun Kelly, had shocked many people after his Madison Square Garden Show, and he did something which has shocked everyone during the after-party. The rapper had joined the after party after his performance took place.  He took his entry to the party along with his fiancé Megan Fox.

 As per the reports it was seen that during the after party of the concert that took place in the New York City, the rapper took the mic was seen smashing a champagne flute on his forehead, and then he shouted, “Bro, I don’t give a s–t!” before he broke the glass on his forehead. The video of Kelly it is seen that the rapper is smashing the glass on his face. The reason behind this is still unclear that why the musician did such a harmful act upon him.

Even after such an incident, the rapper continued with his performance on the mic, and it was seen that his eyebrow and his nose was bleeding. After the incident took place someone was seen passing some tissues to the musician, but even after such a harmful incident took place Kelly was not much worried about the injury on his face.

After the video of the musician was seen by his fans, some of his fans were worried about Kelly, as they were seen supporting the musician and showed concern for his state of mind as they wrote, “Something’s wrong with him. He needs help.”

MGK’s Recently Released Documentary is “Life in Pink”

This harmful incident which the musician did on himself came after Kelly was all over in the headlines for his latest documentary, which is titled as, Life in Pink, it is seen that in his documentary the rapper is seen talking about a day when things took an extra dark turn in his life and after that he “snapped” as he put a gun in his mouth while having Megan Fox on the call. Kelly had shared that during that day Megan was away from him due to the shooting of a film and Kelly couldn’t handle the fear that someone was going to hurt him.   


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