Machine Gun Kelly Continued Performing While Wrongly Touched By A Fan

American singer Machine Gun Kelly popularly called MGK who makes headlines often with his GF Megan Fox was recently seen in trouble. While performing at the Moda Center in Portland, one of his fans groped him. However, he didn’t stop performing but the incident is not acknowledged by MGK on social media. A video from the incident went viral. Scroll down to know the complete story!

Machine Gun Kelly Troubled By A Fan

Rapper Machine Gun Kelly had his concert in Moda Center, where while performing he came down among the fans. A video taken by a fellow concertgoer shows that MGK was standing between the audience to get closer to them.

One fan among the audience stood behind MGK and started to wrap his hand around him. The fan tried to get a selfie with the rapper as reported. A guard tried to control the emotions of the fan, but he wouldn’t leave the rapper.

As Machine Gun Kelly tried going in the other direction, that guy held him tighter. He wrapped his arms around MGK’s waist. He even tried reaching the frontal area of the rapper. The fan held his private parts for a few seconds before MGK himself removed the man’s hand and then the security guard pulled him out. During the whole incident, Machine Gun Kelly did not stop singing, he continued performing as if nothing happened.

Recently, American drummer and musician Travis Barker made a comeback with his recent stage performance and surprised his fans. Barker performed on the stage for the first time after his hospitalisation at Machine Gun Kelly’s concert which took place in Los Angeles.

The drummer played the drums for two songs for his first live performance since the time he was hospitalised as he was diagnosed with “life-threatening” pancreatitis last month for which he was rushed to hospital. The drummer also revealed his health condition on social media.

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