Mac Miller’s ‘Jet Fuel’ Beat Was Originally Made For Kendrick’s ‘DAMN.’

2018 saw the release of Mac Miller’s final album, Swimming, which included the song “Jet Fuel.” The beat was originally created during a studio session for Kendrick Lamar‘s ‘DAMN.’ with DJ Dahi, according to one of the track’s producers, Steve Lacy.

“That beat actually came from a Kendrick Lamar session,” he stated. “Dahi and I, when we were working on DAMN., the first day I came through to work on that record, we just made beats. He’s so organized. He has all these different drum loops. He had that loop, and I did that groove, but Dot didn’t use it. Dahi just collects stuff. I guess Malcolm was working on his record and he liked the beat that became ‘Jet Fuel.’”

Despite the “Jet Fuel” beat not being included on DAMN., Lacy managed to co-produce “PRIDE,” earning a credit on Kendrick’s Grammy Award-winning album.

Steve Lacy’s Friendship With Mac Miller

In other parts of the interview, Steve Lacy discussed his friendship with Mac Miller, who tragically died in September 2018 from an accidental drug overdose, and how he supported him musically while he was still in school.

“I wasn’t around [when Mac took The Internet on tour],” he said. “I think when they were on that tour, it was kind of when I first started to come around. Mac was one of the first big people to f*** with me. He was just a rad spirit, bro. We spent a lot of time together. He wanted to make music, and he liked some of my first ideas. I was like, ‘Damn, that’s crazy!’”

He also added, “I was still going to school and shit at that time. He was huge to a lot of my peers, but I didn’t say anything. There’s a song on ‘The Lo-Fis’ called ‘Daze.’ I have a version with him on it. He loved my production, and he’d always send me drums and we’d work together.”

The 15th of July will see the release of Steve Lacy’s latest solo album, Gemini Rights, through RCA Records.

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