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There are hundreds of modeling agencies around the world, some that have been in business for half a century. People often mistake longevity as an indicator of success, but MA Models did what industry legends accomplished in just five years. 

With dedication and a team of sharks, MA Models was able to sweep through the Middle East. Like a thief in the night, they rallied up fresh talent and even established talent. Their research and signing process was extensive, and contracts were far from a dime a dozen. MA agents were trained to look beyond appearance and sign models and creatives who could turn heads and maintain engaging conversations. They looked for interesting people that brought more than a pretty face to the table. 

The exclusive gathering of talent booked jobs like crazy and major clients such as Charlotte Tilbury, Bulgari, and Burberry began consistently choosing MA Models above other established agency signees. MA was a breath of fresh air needed to spice up the industry. 

“All the talents and models are chosen based on experience, uniqueness, and future projection,” a MA Models Representative said. “Currently, the world is becoming more open to working with every kind of model, any ethnicity and body type, so everyone can be a model or talent if you have the thrive and characteristics required. That’s what we always seek when it comes the time to sign new people to the agency.”

Presently, MA Models has over 100 models, photographers, influencers, stylists, and other creatives on their boards. They have already expanded their representation into multiple countries and are steadily planning their infiltration of South Africa and Europe’s markets. 

“The ultimate goal of MA Models would be to have representation in as many countries and always keep the principles that made us obtain our respect in the regions where we are currently present.”

With the implementation of multidimensional talent and consistent performance, MA Models is well on its way to building an empire. This agency is the unicorn of success stories.

Deborah Blum is an American journalist working for Clout News covering famous influencers, artists and celebrities.

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