Ludwig Slams Mizkif Fans For Double Standards

Twitch streamer Ludwig is one of the most well-known creators on the platform. As fans might know, he is outspoken and straight-forward with his opinions.

Recently, the streamer slammed the fans of his fellow Twitch mate Mizkif. He said that the fans of Mizkif (whom he referred as Miz’Kids’) will farm any drama to protect their favorite sreamer.

Twitch Dramas

Twitch dramas are nothing new. Every day there is some or the other drama happening on the platform. Recently, streamer Valkyrae’s new skincare brand RFLCT caused a lot of drama for being ‘pseudo-science’ and making wrongful claims.

Valkyrae did a stream with fellow Twitch streamer Mizkif addressing claims and concerns about her brand RFLCT. This did not sit well with Pokimane who thinks Mizkif was only there with Valkyrae for ‘his own benefit’.

What Did Ludwig Say?

 Ludwig, talking about Mizkif’s ‘farming drama’ approach said that “I could literally be running away from the police, and he’d be watching it live, laughing at me.”

“The moment someone brings up Miz, the Mizkids are like ‘too far dude, we’re farming drama now? I thought we were being respectful, what the heck.’ I don’t know, I don’t get it,” Ludwig explained further. He also said that he “can’t hate” Mizkif, but doesn’t understand his fans at times.

“Are they all just farming drama to boost the next episode of Mizkif’s parasocial show that they’re all on next week?” one comment said.

Another comment read “Ludwig is also in charge of miz’s merch drop which is dropping in a couple of days.”

What do you think about the whole story? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.


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