Ludwig Reveals Total Money He Made From A Viral YouTube Short With 12 Million Views

Ludwig is one of the most popular streamers on the planet. He rose to fame by streaming on Twitch and YouTube. While Twitch was his primary platform to stream, things no longer remains that way!

Like many of his other fellow former Twitch streamers, Ludwig also moved to YouTube Gaming exclusively in the second half of 2021. Others who have done the same in the past involve TommyInnit and Dr Ben Lupo.

Ludwig’s Move To YouTube Gaming

“Like, I love streaming,” Ludwig said further. “But what actually makes me the happiest is just making dope s**t, making things that I think are cool – and hopefully some others do too. Things like Mogul Money, things like the Christmas album, the kickball tournament.”

“And I realized, in that moment, that even though I’ve been with Twitch for three-plus years, even though people have called me the ‘golden boy’ of Twitch, I’ve never felt particularly loved by Twitch. I love Twitch, but it hasn’t been a two-way street.”

Since moving to YouTube, the streamer has had many of his old fans support him on the platform and he has also amassed many new fans as well. Recently, Ludwig made a YouTube video explaining how much money he made from a viral YouTube short that has over 10,000,000 views!

‘Take A Guess’

The amount that Ludwig earned from a VIRAL YouTube Short was not even close to what a ‘viral video’ would have made him. By saying ‘not even close’, we mean that the payout from the YouTube short was peanuts! Any guesses?

He said: “You can find your own video sponsors and do one-minute sponsored videos, but let’s ignore that and go just off of what the site pays you outright so we can figure out how much 12 million views gets you paid.

“Take a guess. 100? 1000? 10,000? No. $85.02.”

Ludwig further explained that he wasn’t ‘complaining’ about the situation but merely trying to put things into perspective. He also showed another normal video (not a YouTube short) of his that was just 29 seconds long which made him $1,700, all while having much less views than the viral YouTube short which netted him less than $100.

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