Ludwig Explains How He Lost $54,000 While Trying To Surprise QTCinderella’s Family

Ludwig is one of the biggest content creators in the world. The streamer recently made the move to YouTube gaming from Twitch. Since then, the luck of Ludwig seems to have ran out.

Ludwig got banned on YouTube within the first week of his arrival. More recently, he lost a bet to fellow streamer and has now committed to becoming a VTuber for a day.

VTubers are basically content creators but they are masked behind digital avatars. Off late, the VTubing craze has been on an exponential rise. After Ludwig played several mini-games with VTuber Ironmouse, he decided to place an exciting bet with her.

What Happened?

In the latest episode his podcast ‘The Yard’ which he co-hosts with his friends, Ludwig revealed that he lost $54,000 while trying to surprise QTCinderella and her family to the Dallas Cowboys football game.

“Let me explain this, this is crazy. This is the craziest thing I’ve ever done and I’ll have to re-evaluate some processes I take,” Ludwig began.

“I have a bad habit of replying to emails really early,” he revealed. “So I wanted to go to the January 2 game, but I accidentally replied, and signed my name to buy tickets for the wrong date.”

How Did Ludwig’s Friends React?

Slime added: “He read and signed a contract for tickets on the wrong date, and he didn’t see all the zeros at the end. He skimmed it and didn’t see that it was 10 times the amount and it was for a game that he couldn’t go to.

“I was mad for a couple of reasons. One, this is insane – you cant make mistakes like this. We’re hiring people and this is someone’s entire salary. Two, I told you not to buy this s**t on the company card.”

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