Louis Tomlinson On Staying Positive After The Death of His Mother & Sister News

Louis Tomlinson On Staying Positive After The Death of His Mother & Sister

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Time icon November 25, 2020

Louis Tomlinson opened up about his darkest moments and how the passing away of his mother and sister has prepared him. He talked about his challenging times and how it helped him cope with difficult situations like the coronavirus pandemic.

The singer shared that he does not want people to be feeling sorry for him. He revealed that he is focusing on the positive things in life which also includes his music career as a solo artist. The former One Direction singer lost his midwife mother, Johannah Deakin back in 2016. She lost her life after her battle with cancer and his sister, Felicite passed away due to an accidental drug overdose.

Louis told The Telegraph about overcoming his suffering and shared, “You know what, maybe because I’ve had really dark moments in my life, they’ve given me the scope for optimism. In the grand scheme of things, of what I’ve experienced, these everyday problems…they don’t seem so bad.” The singer had dedicated his latest single, Two of Us, from his album WALLS for his mother.

The song has heartfelt lyrics as Louis sings about missing his mother. He opened up about his music as well as he shared that because of his story, his album is a little heavy sometimes. The singer also described it as being a little somber which is not who he is. The former band member also sheds light on how he does not want his hardships to frame everything he says.

He added: “Honestly, it’s part of being from Doncaster as well, I don’t like people feeling sorry for me. That’s the last thing I want.” The singer also slammed BBC Breakfast recently for exploiting his heartache. He took to his social media and wrote that he will never go back there again.

Tomlinson Wants To Groom Emerging Bands & Artists

Louis shared that social media is a ruthless and toxic place and that he tries to stay away from engaging in negative discourse. However, the singer does use his social media to stay in touch with his fans and followers. The singer has made it a priority to be rehearsing his one-off gig to be live-streamed from a secret London location.

The singer has a secret location near Los Angeles as he can also spend time with his son, Freddie. He shares the four-year-old with his ex-girlfriend and stylist, Briana Jungwirth. The artist has also been investing his time in scouting new talent on YouTube, Reddit, and BBC Introducing. Louis wants to nurture new-found talents and bands in the future.

The singer also addressed rumors about a possible One Direction reunion and said he loves the band. He said that he is sure about getting back together one day and that he will be doing a couple of songs from the time in his gig.

There were rumors doing the round of tension between former band member, Zayn Malik after he left the band. All members of the group, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, and Niall Horan had unfollowed him on social media. However, the band members have recently followed him again.

The band has been tight-lipped about their reunion or their fallout. Even Louis could neither confirm nor deny having any tensions between the bandmates. However, he hopes for a reunion of One Direction as he described them as great.

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James Corden teased fans with unseen footage of the band, One Direction, back in September. He revealed that he and his team have received messages about kidnapping Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, and Niall Horan in the last few months.

James Corden Is Asked To Kidnap One Direction By Fans

The Late Late Show’s producer, Ben Winston, responded to a fan’s tweet from 2017 about the band’s McDonald’s outtakes from Carpool Karaoke. He said that fans will be able to see the footage on the show and shared a snippet before deleting the post.

One Direction fans were not happy with this action by the producer. They said if James and Ben did not deliver on their promise, they will cancel The Late Late Show with James Corden. One fan wrote: “If James Corden doesn’t give us any content we will be canceling the late late show.”

Another one of their fans tweeted that James Corden is yet another example of ‘all men do is lie’ and along with it posted a picture of Louis looking emotional.

Meanwhile, on the show, James began his monologue by revealing how so many fans had told him to kidnap the band and do an episode. He continued that he makes it a point to not read the comments about him or his show. The host said it is a ‘little thing’ that he calls self-care. However, he said for the past couple of months, there is a trend online that he was not able to ignore.

James said, “As you can see I’ve had thousands of comments on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, insisting that I kidnap One Direction, it’s all my feed is.” He addressed the fans asking if they know the band willingly came to his show. The late night host jokingly said, “And I’m not going to brag but I do have their phone numbers.”

“You’re ruining the element of surprise”- James

He continued teasing fans and said, “But maybe you’re right, maybe it’s easier to determine their respective locations, leave my family, fly to different countries all over the world during a pandemic, kidnap them and force them to sing Night Changes in my car.”

James continued that he has asked his digital team to look into it and they revealed that on average, the show has been getting over 300 YouTube comments per week about me kidnapping One Direction. He went on and said the more people ask him to do it, the less likely it is that he will do it.

The late-night show host said, “You’re ruining the element of surprise and surprise is a major factor when kidnapping someone. In the history of kidnapping, I don’t think any of them have originated from a fan account relentlessly suggesting that a crime take place, and it is a crime.”

James added nothing would give him more pleasure than to bring the boys together. He said he loves them with all of his heart but he cannot commit a crime. The host also says he feels honored to be the person fans want, to bring the band back together.

However, James kept his word and revealed unseen footage from Carpool Karaoke, back when the band was together. In the cut scene, the group order an array of food from a McDonald’s Drive-Thru. Louis even giving back his chocolate milkshake after realizing he didn’t want it.

In another segment, Harry, Liam, Louis, and Niall took part in a dodgeball match and had an amusing time on court while James acted as their coach. 

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