Louis Tomlinson has Left Simon Cowell’s Record Label, Syco

Louis Tomlinson has announced that he left the Simon Cowell’s record label after mutual agreement. After a decade of working together, Louis announced on Saturday that he left Simon’s record label, Syco.

Following a mutual agreement, the singer has parted ways with the label. He took to Twitter to make the announcement. Louis wrote that Syco Music and him have agreed to part ways. He further expressed his excitement for the future and for recording another album.

Louis’s last abum was with Syco Music called Walls. He further said he cannot wait to finally see everybody on tour. The singer urged his fans to stay safe and promised to see them soon. He wrote, ‘I’m really excited for the future and to be back in the studio writing the next album. Can’t wait to finally see you all on tour!! Stay safe and see you soon, Louis x’

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A source revealed that Louis and his team both felt their time of working together has ended. The source further said that Simon did not come in the way of Louis leaving. Both of them mutually agreed that he could leave. The technicalities were sorted out this week.

The source also revealed that he had been with another Sony label. The label was of the US by the name Arista and Louis can still discuss the possibility of staying with them. The singer is reportedly working on new music and he also has his world tour coming up next year. He is focusing on this since leaving Syco.

Louis’s History with Syco Music

Louis began working with Syco Music since his One Direction days. The group signed a contract of £2 million with the company. They signed the contract after coming in as runner up on X Factor’s seventh season.

The group was made on the show and they went on to sign a contract a year after the show ended. One Direction released five best selling albums with Simon.

Even after the group dismantled, Louis was a part of the company. He recorded singles like Just Hold On and Back To You before his debut album was released in January. The singer was the only member of the group who had resigned his contract with the record label.

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Louis also came in as a judge in Simon’s show The X factor in 2018. He acted as a mentor to the ‘Boys’ category and his mentee Dalton Harris went on to win the show.

His music has received 1.5 billion streams and his solo album Walls, released in January, is the third best-selling debut record of 2020 so far in the UK.

Earlier this year, Liam Payne, a former member of One Direction had teased a reunion of the group for their tenth anniversary. Their group will complete ten years on July 23 this year. However, Niall Horan has confirmed that there will be no reunion.

On asking if they would be making a comeback for the occasion, he said: “We’ve been chatting about it, little bits and pieces that we can do, but nothing in terms of getting the band back together, so for now, no.”

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