Lou Taylor Tried To Hurt Britney Spears? Singer Makes Shocking Claim

Lou Taylor Tried To Hurt Britney Spears? Singer Makes Shocking Claim

Britney Spears is opening up and vowing to sue her former business manager, Lou Taylor after making alarming accusations about the latter’s management company. The singer claims that the company tried to murder her.

Spears further accused Taylor and her assistant Robin Greenhill of attempting to terminate her life in a now-deleted Instagram post.

“They sucked up to me and “made me feel special” …. RIGHT …. Ha those same b***hes ki**ed me a week later !!!! My dad worshipped those two women and would have done anything they asked of him !!!! I think they were trying to ki** me … I still to this very day believe that’s EXACTLY what they were trying to do … but not a damn thing was wrong with me and I didn’t die !!!!”

Britney wrote this in an Instagram post and recounted a meeting with her former business manager and Greenhill in which they tried to appease and sway her. She threatened to sue Taylor, the owner of TriStar Entertainment.

The company was closely connected to Britney’s conservatorship. Lou was also formerly integrally involved with Britney. Britney’s father, Jamie Spears, recruited her to manage the singer’s business affairs during the first few months of her conservatorship.

Britney has accused Taylor of harassment and terrible treatment months after she was released from conservatorship. According to TMZ, she is alluding to the moment she was placed into a mental health institution following a public collapse. Taylor has also been accused of bugging Britney’s room in the past.

“Nobody else would have lived through what they did to me”

In her Instagram post, Britney noted, “A week before they sent me away to that f****g place, TRI STAR invited me to their offices….the swanky suited b*****s…..SO NICE with theri “We are here to make you feel SPECIAL”!!!! I had lunch with Lou Taylor and Robin Greenhill … they said, “Britney, look at your picture on the wall!” With a huge black and white framed picture in the hall of their office!!!!! Kate Beckinsale was there too !!!!!”

She later added, “Nobody else would have lived through what they did to me 🙅🏼‍♀️ !!! I lived through all of it and I remember all of it !!!! I will sue the shit out of Tri Star !!!! Psss they got away with all of it and I’m here to warn them every day of my precious life !!!!”

On the other hand, TriStar Sports and Entertainment Group responded to Britney’s assertions and slammed it, calling it “entirely fake”. “These claims are entirely false, as well as highly offensive, damaging, and unacceptable,” Charles Harder, attorney of the agency stated. Britney herself eventually withdrew the message, however, she did not explain why.

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