L’Oréal Enters The Metaverse By Filing Trademarks For Its Entire Brand Portfolio

The fashion industry’s cementing its position as an up-and-coming market in the metaverse, and the popular French brand L’Oréal is no exception to this trend.

Astute fashion investigators have unearthed incredible plans for blockchain-based assets featuring several of L’Oréal’s brands. As the latest fashionista to embrace the virtual realm, the cosmetics giant has already filed 17 individual patents relating to NFTs and the metaverse, between the 7th to 10th of February 2022.

Each of these filings with the World Intellectual Property Organization features a different brand, and a different kind of cosmetic, with virtual perfumery, hair care products, and skincare items all making the grade: NFTPlazas remarks. These patents encompass the company’s most popular brands, including Redken, Maybelline, Kiehl’s, and others.

Nonetheless, according to the World Intellectual Property Organization, most of the 17 applications are quite similar. Firstly, it includes an interactive website for VR games, online games, and other activities. The applications specifically mention a metaverse allowing users to browse, accumulate, buy, sell, and trade virtual cosmetics, NFTEvening notes. Besides this, cosmetics, makeup preparations, and non-medicated skin care preparations can be expected to be on sale for virtual avatars as well. There will reportedly be retail and online store services catering to their products for the virtual avatars.

Lastly, there was a classification for the creation of an online community featuring digital assets, non-fungible tokens, metaverses, and online worlds. The application will allegedly take approximately 3 months to examine, starting from the filing date.

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