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Lorde Reveals Why She Decided to Take A Break From Social Media

Lorde opened about the reason why she has been non-existent on social media. The singer talked about her absence with friend Cazzie David for Interview.

She shared that there were numerous reasons why she took a step back from Twitter and Instagram. The reasons included climate change and systemic racism.

“Part of what made my peace out on social media, apart from feeling like I was losing my free will, was the massive amounts of stress I was feeling about our planet, about systemic racism, and about police brutality in this country,” Lorde told David.

The singer’s absence is evident since 2018 as she surprised fans by urging them to vote with Instagram stories. She was urging New Zealand citizens to vote during the elections. The singer requested fans to do it for the beautiful country and for her. She added, “And next year I’ll give you something in return.”

Lorde kept in touch with her fans as she sent an email to them to give an update about her life and her music. She announced last November that her third album will be delayed because of the death of her dog, Pearl.

“I started going back to the studio again in December, just for something to do, and to my surprise, good things came out,” she wrote. “Happy, playful things. I felt my melodic muscles flexing and strengthening.” She chimed that the work is good and she is truly “jazzed” for her fans to hear it.

She concluded the email, writing, “The work is so f—ing good, my friend. I am truly jazzed for you to hear it.”

The singer’s last album, Melodrama was released in 2017 and was marked as her No. 1 on Billboard 200.

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