”Look who’s back”, Theory is hinting at a WrestleMania 39 cash-in

Theory was F5’d onto his Money in the Bank bag at SummerSlam on July 30 in Nashville when we last saw him. The Roman Reigns burn from the Monday before and his defeat to Bobby Lashley on the same night in Nissan Stadium were taken off last Monday’s Raw to sell that humiliation, so doing so made sense. But two episodes in a row without a single mention of the youngest Mr. Money in the Bank in history?

Whatever the reason WWE chose not to mention his absence, Theory is now back. He continued where he left off before Brock Lesnar wrecked his dream in Nashville on July 30 by working the WrestleMania 39 Launch Party concert last night, August 11, in Inglewood. He cut Seth Rollins off to discuss his intentions to cash in, which currently include holding off until April 1-2, 2023.

Theories on Theory before

We were bamboozled when we couldn’t see him on Live TV, regardless of our opinion on Theory, we will all be curious in what occurred the longer he is off the television. We wrestling fans have a tendency to do that.

Clearly, WWE is experiencing a lot of change at the moment. There were various probable causes for Theory’s disappearance, all of them revolve around Triple H’s accession to the creative & talent relations throne following the retirement of his father-in-law. They also provide us more grounds to predict his future at the same time:

  1. Is he being withheld from our screens in the hopes that when he reappears, we won’t view him as Vince McMahon’s most recent “chosen one”?
  2. Given how unlikely it looks that he will be taking either the WWE or Universal title off Reigns, let alone both, are they buying time while deciding what to do with the briefcase?
  3. Since he was hired while Triple H was still in charge of NXT, it is almost obvious that he is a jobber man. But what if he’s not?

We all were super curious.

Here you can check it out yourself!

But now he is back

Why Theory’s Cash-in might be the best WWE event in a very long time?

Although Money in the Bank cash-ins are typically noteworthy, it seems like the WWE has something truly special planned for Theory. It might be just what he needs to establish himself as a legitimate main event hero and, in turn, breathe new energy into the WWE. Let’s discuss the situation in more detail below and dive into the factors that could make Theory’s eventual cash-in one that fans remember for a very long time.

Here’s when WWE Money In The Bank Crowned a New Women’s Champion.

Pushing Theory Offers The WWE The Change It So Desperately Needs

According to the WWE Universe, Theory may be the WWE’s next “chosen one,” but he’s also the most recent face to get a shot at main event status in a while. Generally speaking, everyone in the upper echelon is currently a well-known icon who will eventually be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. The WWE may therefore push things in an entertaining new direction with its Theory experiment. On the other hand, it can utterly backfire, forcing the business to move on after brushing things under the proverbial rug.

We are prepared to watch them take a chance and award the top prizes to a budding superstar at this point. Naturally, everyone is making the erroneous assumption that his cash-in will be successful while disregarding the very real probability that he’ll lose the match after cashing in. However, We would rather see him take that type of a chance and ignore fate in order to shake up the WWE.

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