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Loki rises to the top of the ratings faster than any other Marvel show

Loki is quickly becoming the most popular show in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and on Disney+, just two weeks after its release. WandaVision, a parody on the MCU format that saw Scarlet Witch and Vision enter the world of sitcoms, was a breakout hit on Netflix earlier this year.

Because of its creative storytelling, that series opened to critical praise and a passionate reception from the fandom. In a same vein, Falcon and the Winter Soldier debuted not long after, outperforming WandaVision’s debut and marking yet another milestone for Marvel’s streaming series.

Even so, no one can stand a chance against the God of Mischief. Loki is the most acclaimed Disney+ Marvel series, with the greatest Rotten Tomatoes score of any Disney+ Marvel series, and fans are already talking about what type of impact Loki could have on the rest of the MCU after only two weeks.

Loki on Top

Furthermore, Loki was already on course to be more popular than both of the previous series. While streamers aren’t saying much about how well their shows are doing, third-party trackers can give you a sense of how well they’re doing, and Loki is outperforming them all.

Loki has surpassed WandaVision and Falcon and the Winter Soldier in popularity, according to a recent Forbes study that uses a chart from Parrot Analytics. This is due to a variety of variables.

During Loki’s opening week, interest surpassed that of the previous two Marvel series, and it appears that tendency will continue throughout the next four episodes. Similarly, Loki has a better IMDB rating than both of the previous MCU series, indicating a higher level of audience investment.

With only four episodes left, things should start to look good. Anything may happen after Lady Loki’s bombing of the Sacred Timeline in episode 2 and Loki’s subsequent escape from the TVA. Fortunately, rumours indicate that Loki will return in the future, with a season 2 currently in the works. One of the greatest mysteries of all is when that might happen, but the God of Mischief’s voyage is far from complete.

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